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SPN meeting information

Contact list

SPN contact list [XLSX, 24 KB]

Agendas and information from recent meetings

2 November 2018

South Waikato water treatment plants: joint decision-making journey  [PPTX, 9.7 MB]

SPN Evaluation Framework Presentation - October 2018 [PPT, 2.2 MB]

Age Friendly Presentation for SPNs [PDF, 7 MB]

Play Strategy for Strategic Planners Network- 2 Nov 2018 [PDF, 1.9 MB]

Evaluation example [DOCX, 57 KB]

29 June 2018

Waikato Health System Plan [PDF, 605 KB] - Waikato District Health Board

WDC's Community Engagement Universe [PDF, 320 KB] - Waikato District Council (Dr Surya Pandey)

Hamilton City Council Engagement 10 year plan [PDF, 790 KB]

Maori contributions to council decision-making [PDF, 529 KB] - Waipā District Council (Graham Pollard)

Disability Responsiveness Plan [PDF, 647 KB] - Waikato District Health Board (Esmae McKenzie-Norton)

9 March 2018

Strategic Planning: Let's try it [PPTX, 1.7 MB] - Local government Think Tank

The 2018 Waipā battle for Māori [PPTX, 3.6 MB] - Waipā District Council

Waikato Plan presentation to Strategic Planners Network [PPTX, 5.8 MB] - Rachael McMillan and Daniel Exeter

Waikato Regional Road Safety Strategy 2017 -2021 [PPT, 13 MB] - Waikato Regional Council

25 August 2017

Identifying communities of interest [PDF, 199 KB] - Waipa District Council (Graham Pollard)

Cycling in the Waikato region [PDF, 4.3 MB] - Waikato Regional Council

SmartHealth presentation [PDF, 897 KB] - Waikato District Health Board

13 April 2017

Agenda [PDF, 173 KB]

Achieving smokefree in our backyards [PDF, 2.7 MB] - Waikato Public Health Unit (Kay Kristensen. Emily Kerr & Kate Dallas)

Achieving smokefree in our backyards [PDF, 3 MB] - Waikato Public Health Unit (Richard Hoskins)

The Greasy Mile [PDF, 901 KB] - Waikato District Health Board (Zaynel Sushil)

Fruit trees in homes [PDF, 12 MB] - Western Community Centre

WRC Strategic Information Project - Three year research strategy [PDF, 583 KB] - Waikato Regional Council

Public Health Local Government partnership [PDF, 165 KB] - Waikato District Health Board (Mark Spittal)

How much is a life worth - The truth about tobacco(external link) - video


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