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Strategic Planning Network (SPN)


The Waikato Strategic Planning Network began informally in the late 1990s for planners of local authorities in the region. Over time the Strategic Planning Network has evolved to include other agencies that contribute to the community wellbeing of the Waikato region.


The purpose of the Waikato Strategic Planning Network is to:

  • provide a mechanism for inter-agency communication, co-ordination, and collaboration for those in strategic planning roles in organisations in the Waikato region
  • develop a shared understanding of regional and local community issues
  • identify opportunities to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of local government.

This purpose will be achieved predominantly through the sharing of information and resources, developing and promoting good practice models as organisations work together and by providing professional development, networking and bench-marking opportunities.

Terms of Reference (October 2017) [PDF, 237 KB]


Membership may comprise of representation from those working in Strategic Planning fields which have community wellbeing as a key organisational objective.

Membership may include representation by

  • Waikato Regional Council
  • territorial authorities wholly or partly in the Waikato region
  • central government agencies in the Waikato area
  • others e.g. relevant non-government organisations.

Participation in the group is voluntary — the participating organisations will endeavour to make consistent personnel available to attend and contribute.


Participation in the Strategic Planning Network requires members to commit to:

  • hosting a meeting as required;
  • providing staff and resources as required
  • to openly sharing information as discussed at Strategic Planning Network meetings;
  • providing up to date contact details for organisational representatives as changes occur.

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