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Solid waste management in Taupo

Until recently Taupo district’s waste went into eight sub-standard dumps. Taupo District Council has closed these sites. They now have a waste reduction strategy in place and a new well-built landfill opened in June, 2000.

Photograph of Taupo.

The old dumps

For many years, solid waste in the Taupo district was disposed of into one large dump (at Broadlands Road near Taupo) and seven smaller dumps. Find out where the Taupo district landfills are on our landfills map.

By 1984 these dumps were recognised as unsatisfactory. They were filling up and could not take the increasing amounts of waste being produced.

The seven small dumps were not environmentally acceptable because of:

  • their location
  • lack of control over leachate
  • limited control over the types of waste dumped
  • the regular use of open burning to reduce the volume of waste.

The main Broadlands Road site:

  • was on permeable soils (soils that water can pass through easily)
  • had no control over leachate or landfill gas
  • did not meet modern requirements for landfills.

Changes needed to be made.

Taupo’s new landfill

The Taupo District Council built a new, modern landfill on land next to the old Broadlands Road landfill. They have closed all the other dumps and built refuse transfer stations for receiving waste.

The new landfill opened in June 2000. It was built to modern standards and is managed to minimise environmental effects without being unacceptably expensive.

Waste is compacted as it is deposited to make best use of the available space and extend the life of the landfill.

To minimise the discharge of leachate it has:

Photograph showing construction of Taupo's new landfill.

  • the latest technology in liners
  • comprehensive stormwater controls
  • an inbuilt leachate collection system
  • treatment of collected leachate to minimise any adverse impacts
  • management practices to minimise leachate discharge.

Through the resource consent process, Waikato Regional Council has also imposed other controls. These include strict waste acceptance criteria to make sure no hazardous waste is dumped at the site. The consent conditions require regular monitoring of ground water quality and leachate. Monitoring will also ensure that the site is not being affected by geothermal activity.

Find out more about hazardous waste.

How Taupo reduces its waste

Taupo District Council developed a waste management strategy to reduce waste by:

  • providing collection and shredding facilities for garden waste so it could be reused as compost or mulch, rather than put into landfills
  • charging high volume landfill users realistic disposal costs, encouraging waste reduction
  • increased recycling through drop-off points for recyclable items at transfer stations and kerbside collections
  • promoting waste reduction through education, publicity and support of community and industry initiatives
  • encouraging and helping with waste reduction audits for businesses seeking to reduce their waste production.

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