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Te Aroha Hot Springs

Te Aroha Hot Springs had no significant natural features and has been partly developed to supply hot water to a popular commercial pool complex. The development has created the Mokena Geyser.

Natural features

Mokena Geyser

Te Aroha has around ten bicarbonate hot springs, including the Mokena Geyser, a rare bicarbonate geyser well.

The Mokena Geyser is actually an artificially made drill hole that periodically erupts. The outflow is diverted to the swimming pools. The splash zone around the Geyser has grown a thin coating of white calcite sinter for approximately 1m around the drill hole opening.

There are no natural sinter deposits and no known significant ecological features at Te Aroha.


Te Aroha Hot Springs are classified as a Small Geothermal System by Waikato Regional Council.

Originally, there were more than 20 hot springs within the Te Aroha Hot Springs Recreation Reserve, but the number of hot springs has halved. The remaining springs have been developed or modified.

Some wells and springs are connected to a commercial hot pool complex.