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The Ngatamariki Geothermal System is a highly dynamic area and since 1995 some springs have formed, others have dried up, and there has been a hydrothermal eruption.

Natural features

Calcite sinter

  • Two large alkaline-chloride pools surrounded by bubbling acidic pools and numerous springs and pools.
  • There are six areas of sinter-depositing springs.
  • One spring has dense brilliant white calcite sinter 2m wide, for 5m along its outflow.
  • In late 1998, a new geyser appeared at Ngatamariki after a bank collapsed and blocked a natural upwelling of geothermal fluid.
  • Some thermal ferns are present.


Ngatamariki is classified as a Development Geothermal System by Waikato Regional Council.

Currently, the site is in a good condition. However, there are unstable banks near several of the springs, which may collapse. Future logging of the nearby pine plantation could damage the sinter terraces. Mighty River Power and Tauhara North No. 2 Trust are building an 82 MW geothermal power station here.