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Data and trends

The link below points to a file that contains the source data to this indicator's graph and any additional data. The file is in comma separated (csv) format and intended to be opened in spreadsheet software.

Download the data file
(14 kb, 2 seconds to download, 56k modem)

Graph showing the number of natural hazards people are aware of



















  • Data are from surveys in 1998, 2000, 2003 and 2006.

The graph above shows the percentage of people who were:

  • not aware of any hazards
  • or were aware of one or two natural hazards
  • or were aware of three or more natural hazards.

The most frequently mentioned natural hazards were:

  • earthquakes
  • floods
  • high winds
  • volcanic/thermal eruption
  • forest or bush fire.

In 2003, 35 per cent of people living in our region were both aware and ready for a natural hazard event that may affect them. A further 16 per cent of people said they were ready for a natural hazard event, but could not name one. This means that about half of the people (48 per cent) in the Waikato region are prepared for a natural hazard event that might damage them or their property. In 1998, only 29 per cent were prepared. Whether there is any change in readiness will be checked again in the 2009 survey.

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