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Results - data and trends

The link below points to a file that contains the source data to this indicator's graph and any additional data. The file is in comma separated (csv) format and intended to be opened in spreadsheet software.

Download the data file
(1 kb, 1 seconds to download, 56k modem)

  • The data were collected between 2003-2004.

The graph below shows the ecological footprints per person for Waikato, New Zealand and other countries3. It can be noted that:

  • the ecological footprint of an average Waikato resident (5.8 ha person) is slightly smaller than that of an average New Zealander (5.9 ha per person)
  • the ecological footprint of an average Waikato (or New Zealand) resident is about 7 times greater than that of an average person living in India
  • Waikato’s (and New Zealand’s) per person ecological footprint is also larger than that of Japan and many European Nations
  • New Zealand’s ecological footprint is in the top 10 (which includes the United States, Canada and Australia) out of 150 nations surveyed in the 'Living Planet Report 2006'4.

Graph showing how the Waikato region's ecological footprint compares with those of New Zealand and other countries

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