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How we monitor

Where and how we collect the data

Monitoring sites

The data is based on employment location. Geographic business units with an address in the Waikato region are included, as are self-employed individuals based in the Waikato region.

Monitoring frequency

This indicator is updated annually after the data are published by Infometrics.

Monitoring history

Employee count data are available from 2001.

Measurement technique

Regional employment numbers are from Infometrics’ Regional Industry Employment Model (RIEM). The model draws heavily on quarterly and annual Linked Employer Employee Data (LEED) published by Statistics New Zealand. RIEM differs from data from Business Demography in that it is a quarterly series (BD is annual) and it includes both employees and self-employed, whereas BD only includes employees.

Employment is measured as an average of the four quarters making up each year. The year ends March 31st. The unit of measurement is filled jobs.

The employment model uses industry categories from the 2006 Australia New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC).  The ANZSIC is a hierarchical classification with four levels, namely divisions (the broadest level also referred to as 1-digit categories), subdivisions (3-digit), groups (4-digit) and classes (7-digit).There are approximately 500 7-digit industries.

How this indicator is compiled

We used the following steps to derive data for this indicator:

  1. Data for New Zealand and the Waikato region are sourced from the Infometrics Regional Economic profile, employment structure page
  2. ANZSIC-06 industry sector codes are aggregated to 20 sectors.

Guidelines and standards

None relevant to this indicator.


These estimates are based on a model. Self-employed and small business employees are difficult to count precisely.

Further indicator developments

No changes are planned for this indicator.

Quality control procedures

Statistics New Zealand does not check the quality of the data supplied by individuals. Checks are made on the quality of data entry and on the analysis.


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