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People’s environmental attitudes

Why we monitor people's environmental attitudes 

Monitoring people’s environmental attitudes provides Waikato Regional Council a better understanding of how positive or negative people’s attitudes are towards protecting the environment. We also need to know if people are aware of how their actions can affect other aspects of the environment. This will help us find out how much support people have for proposed actions, policies and rules that protect the environment.

Since the benchmark survey in 1998 this indicator has been monitored in seven surveys over the years.  In 2019, 1250 Waikato residents were either surveyed or interviewed for their perceptions of the environment in which they live in.

What's happening?

People in the Waikato region generally have a positive attitude toward the environment.

Residents were given six base statements relating to environmental attitudes, using an adapted version of the NEP scale developed in the United States. Using this scale a score of 6-18 represents an ‘anti-ecological’ attitude, 19-24 a ‘mid-ecological attitude’ and 25-30 represents a ‘pro-ecological’ attitude. 

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More information

When this indicator is updated

The next update is due in 2022.

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Social Scientist - Science and Strategy Directorate



Updated 27 June 2019