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Waikato's coastline - Waikato Regional Council: Learn more about all the values of the Waikato region's coast and the many pressures influencing it.

Coastal hazards - Waikato Regional Council: Our coastal environment is constantly changing as the shoreline moves and sea level varies. These changes become a hazard when they threaten human life and property.

Coastal pressures - Waikato Regional Council: Over the last 120 years much of our coastal forests and wetlands have been degraded or lost as a result of clearance and reclamation for farming and coastal subdivision. Small remnants remain, but are threatened by land clearance, stock grazing and pests threateanimal and plant pests, and recreational use.

Beachcare - Waikato Regional Council: Beachcare groups are involved in caring for beaches around the region. They are partnerships between the local community, iwi, district councils and Waikato Regional Council, working together to protect and restore our precious beaches. 

Resources for teachers - Waikato Regional Council: Waikato Regional Council has a range of resources available for teachers in the Waikato region. We provide curriculum linked classroom units, information about our natural environment, and workshops for professional development. 

Coastal Publications - Waikato Regional Council: Take a look at our general coastal publications and technical reports.

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research: Check out the research programmes run by the National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research.

Cam-Era - NIWA: Have a look at NIWA’s Cam-Era website which provides hourly views of some of New Zealand beaches and rivers.

New Zealand Climate Change Centre: Check out the work being done by the New Zealand Climate Change Centre.

District Plan - Thames Coromandel District Council: Have a look at the coastal hazard provisions and coastal hazard setbacks in the Thames Coromandel District Council’s proposed District Plan.