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  Council » Policies and Plans » Rules and regulation » Waikato Regional Plan » Waikato Regional Plan (online version) » 7.5 General Non-Regulatory Implementation Methods » 7.5.6 Guidelines for Applicants

7.5.6 Guidelines for Applicants

In addition to the Information Requirements contained in Module 8 (8.1.6) of this Plan, the Waikato Regional Council (Waikato Regional Council) will develop a guideline for the drafting of System Management Plans and the preparation of applications for large takes and discharges of geothermal energy and water.

Explanation and Principal Reasons for Adopting Non-Regulatory Methods 7.5.1 to 7.5.6

The methods in this Plan must be read in conjunction with the methods in the Waikato RPS.

These methods are intended to be self-explanatory. Method 7.5.1 recognises that, before the relationship of tangata whenua who are Kaitiaki with geothermal resources can be recognised and provided for, there must be a positive, specific identification by them of sites and resource management matters of significance to them. The process for this identification of sites and resource management matters is set out in Module 2 of this Plan. Method 7.5.2 identifies the role of environmental education in raising awareness of general activities relating to the regional geothermal resource (including tourism and other positive benefits) as well as activities that may destroy or damage Significant Geothermal Features.

Methods 7.5.3 and 7.5.4 address integrated management between district and regional councils and between adjoining regional councils. Some geothermal systems extend into adjoining regions, and land use activities, which may adversely affect Significant Geothermal Features, are primarily managed by territorial authorities through district plans. Therefore it is necessary to ensure that these geothermal systems and their features are consistently managed by the councils concerned.

Method 7.5.5 recognises the policy guidance in the Regional Policy Statement Geothermal Section 3.7.3 which encourages the protection of Geothermal Features in Protected Geothermal Systems.

Method 7.5.6 is intended to provide a “checklist” of matters to be addressed in a draft System Management Plan (including amendment to an approved System Management Plan), which is to be submitted with any resource consent application for large takes and/or discharges of geothermal energy and water in Development Geothermal Systems. This method will also guide the information to be submitted with any resource consent application for large takes and/or discharges of geothermal energy and water in Limited Development and Research Geothermal Systems.

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