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6.2.3 Policy

Policy 1: Application of Agrichemicals
Allow by rules and encourage by other methods, the application of agrichemicals in a manner that avoids the significant adverse effects of off-target exposure to agrichemicals (as identified in Policy 1) beyond the boundary of the property being sprayed.

Policy 2: Sensitive Areas
Recognise that some areas, places or features are sensitive to the adverse effects off offtarget exposure to agrichemicals, including, but not limited to:

  1. dwelling-houses
  2. places of public assembly* and public amenity areas*
  3. domestic and community water supplies
  4. water bodies1 and the banks of a water body
  5. habitats of significant indigenous flora and fauna (as defined in district plans and Department of Conservation Management Strategies)
  6. plants and/or crops which are sensitive to agrichemical(s) being discharged
  7. certified organically farmed properties2.


Explanation and Principal Reasons for Adopting the Policies

Policy 1 allows and encourages the use of agrichemicals so long as significant adverse effects of off-target exposure to agrichemicals do not occur. This enabling approach has been adopted in recognition of the importance of agrichemicals to the Region’s agricultural sector and the fact that not all off-target exposure to agrichemicals will have adverse effects.

The policy will achieve the objective in two ways. Firstly the policy identifies that the adverse effects of agrichemical drift should be contained within the boundary of the property being sprayed. If this is done, significant adverse effects of off-target exposure to agrichemicals are unlikely to occur. This policy does not imply that no off-target effect of spray drift are allowed to occur, it focuses implementation methods on ensuring that significant adverse effects are avoided. These effects can be avoided through a range of methods that reduce the likelihood of spray drift occurring (such as notification or land use planning to reverse sensitivity issues).

Policy 2 recognises that some people, activities or resources are more sensitive to agrichemicals than others. If a person spraying agrichemicals takes into account these sensitivities when planning their operation and provides notification and/or alters their plans to take those sensitivities into account, they will be able to avoid significant adverse effects of off-target drift, thereby achieving the objectives of the Plan.

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