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  Council » Policies and Plans » Rules and regulation » Waikato Regional Plan » Waikato Regional Plan (online version) » 4.2 River and Lake Bed Structures » 4.2.12 Boat Ramps and Jetties

4.2.12 Boat Ramps and Jetties Discretionary Activity Rule – Boat Ramps and Jetties

  1. Unless controlled by Rule the use, erection, reconstruction, placement, alteration or extension of any boat ramp or jetty, and associated bed disturbances, in, on, under or over the bed of a river or lake, and
  2. Any discharge of sediment associated with construction activities;

are discretionary activities (requiring resource consent).

Advisory Note:

  • Information requirements to enable the assessment of any application under Rule are set out in Section In addition assessment shall also take into account the matters identified in Policy 2 of Section 4.2.3.

Explanation and Principal Reasons for Adopting Method
Rule provides for boat ramps and jetties in, on, under or over the beds of rivers and lakes discretionary activities because they have the potential to cause significant adverse effects. There are a large number of these structures in the Region and their use and development creates demands for other facilities on land, such as car parks and toilets. These other facilities are territorial authority responsibilities. Waikato Regional Council considers that, given the potential and actual adverse effects and the flow-on effects of the boat ramps and jetties resource consents are required.

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