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  Council » Policies and Plans » Rules and regulation » Waikato Regional Plan » Waikato Regional Plan (online version) » 3.1 Water Resources » 3.1.3 Clarification of the Relationship between Water and Geothermal Modules

3.1.3 Clarification of the Relationship between Water and Geothermal Modules

a. Objectives and Policies

The RMA definition of ‘water’ encompasses all water, including ‘geothermal water’ (both terms are defined in s2of the RMA). The Geothermal Module of this Plan identifies and discusses resource management issues that specifically concern geothermal water and sets out objectives and policies applying to geothermal water and the effects of the take, use, and discharge of geothermal energy and fluid on other resources, including fresh water.

Objectives and policies applying to other activities relating to fresh water are contained within this module.

b. Rules

This module contains rules addressing the taking, use, and associated discharge of fresh water. However, some of the rules within Module 3 address the taking, use or associated discharge of small amounts of both geothermal water and fresh water. Where this is the case, it is specifically stated in the rule. Module 3 rules that specifically state that they include geothermal water, are as follows:

Rule which applies to the taking of water for well or aquifer testing purposes.
The rules within Section 3.5.8, which apply to discharges from well or aquifer testing.
The rules within Chapter 3.8, which apply to drilling activities.

The Geothermal Module also includes Rules to, which address other activities in the vicinity of Significant Geothermal Features. Where activities in the vicinity of Significant Features are regulated by Rules to they are not also covered by rules elsewhere in the Plan.

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