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2.1.1 General

This module of the Plan addresses resource management issues identified as being of concern to Maori in the Region. In many instances, the environmental outcomes sought by both Maori and non-Maori are common and to this extent, the Plan, as a whole will promote many of the environmental results sought by Maori. In other respects, Maori have perspectives and values which are specific to their particular tribal group and which need to be considered as part of resource management policy and decision-making. The RMA gives special status to Maori and sets out principles and mechanisms through which their interests are provided for. These include:

  1. the principals of the RMA (sections 6(e), 7(a) and 8)
  2. the requirements to take account of iwi plans when making policy (s61, s66, and s74)
  3. the requirements to consult with tangata whenua* when developing policy (First Schedule Clause 3)
  4. the requirement for consent applications to identify and document, within an assessment of environmental effects, tangata whenua interested in or affected by consent proposals, the consultation undertaken, and any response to the views of those consulted (Fourth Schedule 1(h) of the RMA).


Waikato Regional Council acknowledges the special status of Maori under the RMA. In order to understand the perspectives and values of tangata whenua, Waikato Regional Council has sought input to the Plan by the predominant tribal groups in the Region – Waikato-Tainui, Hauraki, Raukawa, Maniapoto and Tuwharetoa. Differing levels of input have been received. Other groups, who indicated a specific desire to be involved have also made contributions to the Plan. This module of the Plan is based primarily on the feedback received from those contributions. The module focuses mostly on ‘process’ issues, that is, on establishing processes, protocols and understandings through which tangata whenua involvement in resource management will be facilitated. ‘Content’ matters, such as building in the environmental outcomes sought by tangata whenua, are incorporated throughout the whole of this Plan.

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