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1.6 Responsibilities of Resource Users Under the RMA

Section 1.2 of the Plan sets out Council’s enabling approach to resource management. A key element of this approach is a substantial increase in the number of activities that are to be permitted without the need for a resource consent.

By enabling previously restricted activities, this plan places a greater emphasis on the duty of resource users to ensure that they comply with the rules in the Plan. It is Waikato Regional Council’s expectation that persons undertaking any activity that is permitted or otherwise restricted by any of the rules in this Plan will comply fully with conditions or restrictions imposed. In particular:

  1. It is the responsibility of any person undertaking a permitted activity or any activity that is otherwise restricted to ensure that they are aware of the conditions or requirements of the rules and carry out those activities in accordance with them.
  2. Persons undertaking activities should, in the event of any uncertainty regarding the status of the activity or the meaning of conditions, contact Waikato Regional Council staff for advice. On application under s139 of the Resource Management Act, 1991, Council may issue certificates of compliance for permitted activities.
  3. Where an activity may affect a waahi tapu site, local hapu or iwi should be contacted. Waikato Regional Council can provide contact details. Territorial authorities may also be a source of advice. If a waahi tapu site is identified by tangata whenua to Waikato Regional Council, permitted activity conditions require that the activity ceases. Waikato Regional Council will follow the process as described in Method and will advise in writing the basis on which the activity can be recommended.
  4. Persons undertaking any activity under this Plan should also check the requirements of the relevant district plan.


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