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2.5 Asset Management Plans

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Over the years, more than $100m of public money has been invested in the construction of community assets for the schemes included within Project Watershed. These assets need to be well managed and maintained, and provision must be made for their future reconstruction and replacement.

Asset Management Plans have been prepared for the schemes managed by Environment Waikato, and these have been adopted by Council. They provide the framework for maintaining the assets, specifying time frames for their refurbishment and eventual replacement, and identifying the sources and amount of funding required. Within Project Watershed there is also provision for carrying out new projects. These include river and land work projects supported by the community which require environmental or hazard protection intervention (e.g. erosion control and riparian enhancement).

While some asset plans have undergone an initial three yearly review, Council‘s Strategic Plan provides for five yearly reviews of asset plans.

Project Watershed provides the opportunity to rationalise the number of asset plans, and to incorporate the range of activities (soil conservation, river management and flood protection) into a single asset plan for each management zone. As a result of this, the proposed review cycle for asset plans is likely to be reassessed. Asset plans covering new capital work undertaken under Project Watershed will be prepared as those works progress. Project Watershed will also provide an overall funding mechanism across the greater Waikato catchment, compared to the range of funding arrangements applying under existing asset plans.

A table showing the adoption date of Environment Waikato Asset Management Plans is shown below.

Scheme Management Zone Adoption Date
Lake Taupo Catchment Control Scheme Lake Taupo May 1998
Paeroa Range CCS Upper Waikato September 1997
Whakamaru CCS Upper Waikato June 2000
Reporoa CCS Upper Waikato September 1997
Karapiro/Arapuni CCS Middle Waikato May 1998
Upper Waipa Catchment Management strategy Waipa June 2000
Waitomo CCS Waipa April 1998
Lower Waikato Waipa Control Scheme Lower Waikato, Waipa June 1997