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  Council » Policies and Plans » Hazard and catchment management » Level of Service and Funding Policy » 12 Upper Waikato Management Zone » 12.5 Beneficiaries and Contributors

12.5 Beneficiaries and Contributors

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The benefits generic to the type of work included in the Upper Waikato Management Zone (river management, soil conservation and catchment oversight) are discussed in sections 4 to 9.

The Reporoa schemes exhibit a similar pattern of benefit distribution to other pumice land schemes (with the exception of Taupo). The benefits mentioned in section 8 are the principal financial benefits arising from the schemes and accrue largely to the landowners and neighbouring downstream properties. There is another benefit, in the form of reduced damage to off-farm infrastructural assets, predominantly roading. This benefit goes beyond just the immediate environment.

The Paeroa Range scheme is similar to the Reporoa scheme in that both are based on pumice lands experiencing similar types of erosion and requiring similar types of soil conservation techniques. Given that the land uses are also similar, it follows that the benefits and their distribution should also be similar. As with the Reporoa scheme there is a benefit in the form of reduced damage to off-farm infrastructural assets, predominantly roading. Again, the benefit goes beyond just the immediate environment. A specific benefit is also experienced by hydro electric generation through the protection and reduction in siltation of the Whirinaki arm of Lake Ohakuri. Other benefits, such as improved water quality, aesthetic and protection values are also experienced widely. These are difficult to quantify and relatively minor in relation to the other benefits mentioned above.

When developing its proposed Funding Policy for work of this nature, Council engages independent technical experts to advise on the identification of beneficiaries and contributors for each activity, along with the extent of benefit and contribution. These experts base their analysis on the principles outlined in sections 4 and 5. Where Council has previously developed and consulted on existing funding policies, that previous work is taken into account when considering future funding policies. The beneficiaries and contributors, and extent of benefit and contribution are as set out in section 16.

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