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More people surveyed in the Waikato region are recycling their household waste.

This indicator measures the numbers of people living in the Waikato region who say they are recycling their household waste. It uses survey results drawn from the New Zealand General Social Survey (GSS).

Why is this indicator important?

As industrial activities expand and our population increases, we are using more resources and generating more waste. However, much of our waste could be reused, recycled or composted. Waste disposal is expensive and can cause environmental problems. The less waste we produce, the less we need to dispose of, and the more we use our resources sustainably.

When waste ends up in our landfills, it can indicate how efficiently or inefficiently we are in using our resources. This is particularly concerning when discarding reusable and recyclable materials such as paper, plastic, organic waste, glass and metal. Waste not only pollutes our environment; it can make it unsafe for people to enjoy.

Monitoring what’s being thrown out and what’s being recycled can inform councils’ waste management plans including identifying what extra support people need to make recycling easier for them. It can also help councils in providing the right information and education to people in the Waikato region to increase awareness of the need to use our resources more effectively and how they can make a difference around this.

What is this indicator telling us? 

  • Between 2008 and 2012, the percentage of people surveyed in the Waikato region who said their household recycles ‘all/most of it’ increased from approximately 66% to 70%.
  • Despite this improvement, growth in self-reported recycling has lagged behind that of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch which rate 80-90% on this survey item.

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Regional and New Zealand General Social Survey (NZGSS) results are online. Data are obtained from Table 13: Selected NZGSS measures by region.

Rest of North Island results are used as a proxy for Waikato region due to small sample size for this item.

The 2012 GSS results were published by Statistics New Zealand (SNZ) on 13 August 2013. There was no recycling question included in the 2014 GSS. The GSS is unlikely to include the recycling measure as primary content and therefore its potential frequency of inclusion under the GSS supplement framework would likely be at least 10 yearly intervals.

Update details: Next update may be around 2022.

Customised data request requirements: Nil


Territorial Authority (TA) disaggregation: No

Other regions: The survey regions are Auckland, Wellington, Northland/ Bay of Plenty/ Gisborne, Rest of North Island, Canterbury and Rest of South Island. Rest of the North Island is used as proxy for Waikato region due to high sample error associated with Waikato region sub-sample for this item.

New Zealand: Yes

Other countries/ Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD): No