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Following a period of slow growth, since 2015 the real median household income in the Waikato region has rebounded to a record high level.

This indicator is real median household income in the Waikato region. It is calculated from median weekly household income from the New Zealand Income Survey, adjusted by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) (a measure of the average price of consumer goods and services purchased by households).

Why is this indicator important?

How much households earn determines their purchasing power and material standard of living, which has a direct link with the health of our regional and national economy. This measure identifies the midpoint of the range of weekly household income reportedly received during that year.


Income 2019

Year Real median weekly household income (June 2018 dollars)
1998 1,086
1999 1,077
2000 1,129
2001 1,145
2002 1,194
2003 1,221
2004 1,174
2005 1,290
2006 1,336
2007 1,377
2008 1,407
2009 1,381
2010 1,303
2011 1,237
2012 1,307
2013 1,320
2014 1,263
2015 1,374
2016 1,535
2017 1,520
2018 1,678

What is this indicator telling us? 

  • Median weekly household income in the Waikato region is around $30 below the national average. Weekly household income in the Waikato region was $1678 in 2018 compared to $1708 for New Zealand overall.
  • Median weekly household income in the Waikato region was at a record high in June 2018. At the regional and national levels, after adjusting for inflation, real median weekly household income was more than twenty per cent higher in 2018 than in 2007.

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Data are found online using Statistics New Zealand's (SNZ) NZ.Stat Table Builder for median weekly household income by region.

These SNZ data have been inflation adjusted to June 2018 dollars using June quarter Consumer Price Index (CPI) values.

Update details: Annual series with June quarter survey results available in the first week of October.

Customised data request requirements: Nil


Territorial Authority (TA) disaggregation: No

Other regions: No 

New Zealand: Yes 

Other countries/ Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD): Comparative data between New Zealand and other countries/OECD are available for various measures of income per capita.